Bone & Ivory Guitar Bridge Pins
Martin, Gibson, Taylor, etc.

High quality precision guitar bridge pins, end pins and strap buttons. Made in USA in our Dover, Ohio shop. We make pins of North American Cattle Bone for $39.95/set, Fossil Walrus Jawbone for $74.95/set, Fossil Mammoth Ivory for $ 110/set and Premium Dark Fossil Mammoth Ivory for $ 129.95/set. Fully refundable/exhangeable for any reason. Bone and fossil mammoth ivory pins can sell and ship internationally but FMI pins cannot sell to the US states of NY, NJ, or CA.

The guitar pins come with a choice of ebony dot inlays (industry favorite and standard), abalone dot inlays (abalone for US customers only), plain head (no inlay) or faux tortoise dot inlays. The bridge pin inlays are 3 mm diameter and our guitar end pins and strap buttons have a 4 mm dot inlay.

Bone and ivory are harder than wood or plastic and aid the instrument by giving it a brighter and clearer sound. Bone pins are basically one third the price of ivory pins and will improve the sound of your instrument just as much. Fossil Mammoth Ivory (FMI) has a beauty all its own and is ideal for the ultimate in guitar pin beauty for that very special guitar. All of our pin sets come with installation instructions.