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Oversize Guitar Saddle Blanks

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Enoch Large Bone Guitar Saddle

Part No. #ENOCH1

Price: $ 6.00

Enoch is a friend of ours and a good customer and he wanted giant saddles so we designed this size for him and he loves them! Now you too can enjoy the luxury of this giant oversize saddle and if you want a larger saddle yet you will want to see our " Colossal saddle/nut " that we have named after our good friend Bob Colosi.

This Enoch saddle is .160" X .650" X 4.25". The thickness of .160 is a minimum as many are thicker at .170 and more. The height is .650" which is a little over 5/8" and these are all cut at 4.25 inch length.

Meets all USDA & USFWS standards for US import and use.

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